Getting Ready

Since about 4 months old baby El has been very kind and let me shower in peace – winning! (I did wash during her first 4 months of life but it often involved getting ready before the husband left for work or washing my hair at 9pm.) This is made possible by the ingenious invention of the bouncer.

In the darker days I needed 2 hours for El and I to be dressed enough to leave the house with minimal crying (darker days where my poor little bubba wasn’t very happy because of suspected colic and we had hours of crying each day – heartbreaking, let’s not dwell on it). Now I can almost get us both ready in an hour with an added bonus of me being showered. Sometimes I think El would prefer me not to shower because she always seems less than impressed with freshly cleaned boob…

Is it worth the effort? Not every outing is a complete success and some days I wonder why I bothered. El has some lovely dresses but it’s typical that I put her in a pair of new tights and a poonami hits so she ends up in her emergency pink trackies…again. If it’s a big day out then I might even put contact lenses in and eyeliner on. (Time and temperament allowing.) If I look half decent then it’s sod’s law that the day could end with an early departure because El is losing the plot from exhaustion (over 2 hours awake) as she won’t fall asleep in weird places (any place that isn’t home or doesn’t involve a good amount of jiggling). I really should up my game because baby El is always dressed much better than me! (But I imagine people are more interested in looking at her, I hope…they blooming should be – she’s adorable!) I’ll mostly be in my new uniform of jeans and a hoody…this is for maximum amount of pockets which is now vital when leaving the house holding a baby in one arm, changing bag on the other and trying to locate house keys/car keys/muslin.

I enjoy getting ready at the weekend when my husband can entertain baby El and also be the keeper of pockets when we go out… I can spend a bit more time getting ready and then strut round going yeah I have a baby and look like this! Boom!

As it gets colder it’s getting even more complicated, how many layers needed? I’m not even a very good judge of temperature nowadays anyway as I’m pretty much constantly perspiring from all the wiggling and jiggling of car seat into the car then pram out of the car, dress the baby undress the baby! (Babies often don’t like having coats and hats on so that’s fun too!) Even when I’m sitting down relaxing I’ve probably got a hot water bottle of a baby sleeping on me. Hot cafes, hot play groups, I’m still drinking iced lattes in November. Babies can’t wear coats in car seats but how quickly can you run to the car before baby gets cold and how long does it take the car heating to get going?

I don’t know how we make it out on time…mostly, but if you’re meeting other mums they’ll probably be late anyway.

This sticky toffee cheesecake was worth getting ready for… (Senzo in Epsom)

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready”

  1. This is so true! I used to never leave the house without doing my hair and make up; now I go out without even brushing my hair sometimes and only wear make up when going “out out” 😂


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