What my baby can’t do…

Anything your baby can do my baby probably can’t…

Baby classes – I’ve tried a couple of taster sessions for baby sensory and baby massage. Trying to be an awesome mum by ‘stimulating her development’ or however they want to sell it to you. My baby doesn’t want to be told what to do and when, for half an hour let alone an hour! Baby El is usually the first baby to kick off…and the last. I won’t be bothering with any more classes! Not for another couple months anyway… (I am still recovering from being told to dress up as a duck – thankfully El was crying too much for me to participate). It’s bad enough trying to enjoy singing and dancing with a bunch of strangers, but when your baby can’t even be bothered to look at you what is the point?! At least I tried! And those are the baby focussed classes…imagine if I tried to do an exercise class where she’s just supposed to sit and watch me. (As if I want to exercise! HA! Sleep deprived and bouncing a baby must equal a few squat sessions with weights – that’s what I tell myself anyway.)

Leisurely lunches – I saw a group of new babies in Carluccio’s once and thought I’d love to have an occasional treat lunch somewhere nice when on maternity leave with a big group of yummy mummies… yeah that probably isn’t going to happen. I should have taken that opportunity when she was sleeping through her first month of life! I will not be sitting down for a 3 course meal any time soon. I’m also not looking that yummy with my lack of hair-doing and make-uping. I’ll stick to noisy baby friendly cafes where I can stand up and jig to ease baby El’s grump while pausing for mouthfuls of cake without being glared at. Or if it’s all too much and El’s really had enough I can just walk out as I’ve usually paid first.

Falling asleep eating – All babies fall asleep after a nice feed or even during. A nice warm booby…a full belly…cuddles… Not mine! This is probably the hardest quirk to deal with, the day time naps have to be induced in other ways – dummy has been a life saver. I have yet to meet another baby who won’t fall asleep on the boob… this is definitely an odd one! (El has decided to start chewing my nipples today – teething fun to come.)

Falling asleep in a pram – she’ll sleep in the car but not a moving pram. Go figure. I’ve even been known to carry her all the way home asleep as she’d scream in the pram then drop off as soon as I picked her up. I’ve now upgraded her from the lie flat carrycot to the pushchair seat early and this has made her much happier – praise the lord!

I know El is not the easiest baby but I think some people lie about all the miraculous things their baby can do. Again – sleeping through the night?! I need to see this to believe it! I could go on with a list of how many ways she won’t sleep. The most talked about baby problem is definitely sleep or lack of! They say a problem shared is a problem halved, the amount sleep issues are shared they should be tiny tiny!

As always everything is better with a bit of cake. I’m not one to celebrate Christmas early but this Rudolph cake from Costa was too irresistible. Good size but I think I was missing some of the icing in the middle – still yummy though.

4 thoughts on “What my baby can’t do…”

  1. Three babies in and every baby is so different. Mien have all been parented the same, one slept like a dream, the other two really didn’t! It does get better though and you soon forget!


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