Festive Shopping

Tis the season to buy lots of shizzle! In my naivety I thought I would have so much time to browse the shops on maternity leave because obviously babies just sleep in prams while mums peruse at leisure…I didn’t really think it’d be that easy but I did think it’d be doable!

Firstly my idea of early Christmas shopping was the beginning of December which turns out is the same time everyone decides to hit the shops. As if manoeuvring a buggy wasn’t bad enough now you have to battle through crowds and all these ‘trendy’ stores don’t even have straight aisles anymore they want you to zigzag all over the place. Of course you shouldn’t be in trendy stores if you’re a mum.

The best thing that’s happened to me having a baby when shopping is the most annoying cosmetics store that tries to give you flyers and coax you in now ignore me completely! (And I’ve walked past this same shop many a time.) This is hilarious as I’ve even watched them trying to stop old men but woman with baby WOOAHHH! I think they’re missing a trick because sleep deprived mothers probably need more beauty products – if they get time to put them on.

The biggest problem when shopping is I’ve got an annoying habit of being considerate – I feel bad taking up so much space with a buggy that on a recent attempt at a shopping trip I ended up not going in half the shops I wanted to because they were too busy. I ended up going home with nothing! I’m also a very fussy shopper and spend hours deliberating over what gifts to buy so if I do get in a shop then El won’t be happy at me for standing still so long.

This week I revisited the same shops that I hadn’t gone in previously, with baby El in the sling. For all the effort of lugging around baby El (now coming in at over 18lbs) I only bought 2 tiny gifts! (Tiny as in insignificant stocking fillers, not tiny tiny objects.) When I did make it to the till El was grizzling and the lady asked if she was hungry. No! She’s not hungry I’ve timed this trip impeccably, we have just started and will be stopping midway when she’s peckish. She just doesn’t like standing still in your stupid long queue.

I think my husband will be happy with one of my shopping habits – online shopping at 3am while feeding El. This apparently makes me rather generous! It’s a dangerous game to play, at some point the next day it usually comes to me and I have to check my emails to see if I dreamt it or not. (I’ve never dreamt it, it always turns out to be true.) My best night was buying trainers in a toddler size rather than adults…try explaining that to customer services.

Apologies to my family if the gifts aren’t up to scratch this year – if I’ve bought it from a shop then it’s probably a rushed decision and if I’ve bought it online then I was probably half asleep. But I have a very adorable baby to distract you all with her winning smile.

Christmas shopping with a baby definitely warrants cake! Let’s face it that’s the real reason shopping took so long, sitting down for cake was still top priority. Filthy cheesecake oooh yeah…

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