Baby Awesomeness

It’s been so long since I posted! Nap times are getting shorter so there is less time for typing and I’ve been out galavanting and having too much fun! (As if you can have too much fun!) I’m aware that my blogs mostly include venting about the stresses of being a new mummy (Babies can be quite troublesome.) But for this post I’m going to tell you how I’m making my maternity leave awesome! I won’t tell you how bad the teething can get or how many times I’m still getting up at night, I’m just going to share why I’m as happy as a child with cake. (Because I still don’t feel adult, despite having my own child, and I’m eating my fair share of cake.)

Getting out is a must for sanity! And good baby friends are essential for over sharing on every baby and post birth body issue. I have ended some mummy dates in tears of laughter over who knows what, probably just sleep deprived hysteria!

I’ve won my first ever pub quiz! Mum & baby pub quiz… maybe because my brain is on better form at 11am or I’m not under the influence… Actually I hardly answered any, I’ve just picked the best mummy friends. Nothing like a good win to give you a buzz! And the prizes! Nail varnish…do I have the time? Chocolate… spot on!

The occasional walk to make you feel like you’re working off some cake is always good and even better if you get your baby to sleep. Make sure you walk with a trusted friend so you can leave your buggy with them while you take a quick ride on the zip wire in the local park. Funny all these parks that are deserted when it’s only 5 degrees.

My favourite monthly event I’m a regular at is the BYOB (bring your own baby) comedy. I love comedy and this is the most ingenious idea to have an event with adult comedy and baby amenities. (They sell cake here too). It’s even better when we sometimes end up getting a pub lunch afterwards, proper grown-up day.

Then there was our great trip out to the zoo! Baby El is too young for the zoo? It was more for me… she was an angel having a nice long nap in her buggy and I had great company nattering the whole way round.

Those are my top picks, I also go to some more mundane baby groups which are still great to entertain baby El with all the toys and have a good chat, they just don’t have the cake! So we go get cake afterwards.

I make sure my baby matches me covered in cake…

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